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For One Who Waits 

"Seidman’s playing is tasty, but it also can burn with intensity...He’s imaginative and never repeats himself." 
-John Heidt, Vintage Guitar Magazine 

"There are fleeting moments of connection with his forebears – some Wes Montgomery, some Jim Hall, some (Attila) Zoller – but before long, thanks to Seidman’s fluidity and command of the instrument, those essential components get lost in the portent of the moment." 
-Nick DeRiso, Something Else! 

" hear the rich sound of a vulnerable guitar thinking its way through melodies and improvised harmonies." 

(2010 Honorable Mention in 

"Seidman is fearless, letting his solo go where it needs to go musically, crossing barlines and building intensity throughout. An excellent recording." 
-Brandon Bernstein, Just Jazz Guitar Magazine 

" of lyrical strength and technical skill, linked by this remarkable ability to blend seamlessly with his fellow musicians across a varied soundscape." 
-Nick DeRiso, All About Jazz 

"The obvious respect the players in this trio have for each other shows in every cut. And at every turn Seidman proves a very distinctive voice in jazz guitar." 
-John Heidt, Vintage Guitar Magazine 

"A strong communicative element pervades the music from guitarist Seidman and his trio..." 
-Don Lerman, Cadence Magazine 

How 'Bout It? (Dedicated to great jazz guitarists as composers) 
(One of FNX Radio Network’s Top 50 Jazz Recordings of 2001) 

"…his personal musical approach is highly modern, complex, quick-minded, and with great profundity in this (tribute to) his guitarist colleagues, marked by reverence and deep sympathy....of great elegance…a mature, flowing, as well as suspenseful, instrumental language…" 
- Alexander Schmitz, Akustik Gitarre (translated from German) 

"…this offering has him firmly rooted in tradition, and wonderfully so." 
- Bostonia 

"There is no stylistic imitation or attempts at mimicktry…he is evolving as one of the truly distinctive new voices on the instrument... He delights in the obtuse approach, and always making demands on the listener to follow his lead. 
- Jim Fisch, 20th Century Guitar 

"All the cuts are good and showcase Mitch’s arranging and playing talents…Mitch is to be commended for producing a CD of such high quality…" 
- Ed Benson, Just Jazz Guitar 

"...[Seidman] not only demonstrates his considerable guitar skills, but his good taste." 
- Donna Kimura, Jazz Review 


"The musicians listen very closely to each other, react quickly, and are not shy to use melody, swing, and wit in their improvisations…this is a delightful set that I easily recommend, particularly to listeners who mistakenly think that avant-garde is a bunch of random notes." 
- Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene 

"…Seidman/Kohlhase/Galindo make thinking music, and music while thinking. And they make it fun." 
- James Isaacs, Citysearch (Boston) 

"This New England threesome, while well-schooled in the jazz tradition, is uninterested in repeating jazz’s past glories….the trio concocts an elegant, pleasing sound that is adventurous without being harsh. Congenial this may be, but cautious it is not." 
- Tad Hendrickson, CMJ New Music Report 

"All three participants are vigorous instrumentalists, with robust sounds and imaginations to match….For the listener this session offers a banquet of aural delights. Warmly recommended." 
- David Dupont, Cadence 

"The Mitch Seidman CD with Charlie Kolhase and Jeff Galindo is of undisputable quality….The compositions of Count Basie, Lester Young, and Monk are placed side by side with music of Albert Mangelsdorff and Julius Hemphill, not well known pieces that cohabit wonderfully with the standards, let alone those written by the three musicians. 4 Stars." 
- Issabella Mei, All About Jazz (translated from Italian) 

"Three of our best and most adventurous, multi-talented local guys gather for one of their most excellent adventures yet." 
- Boston Phoenix 

This Over That 

"This is a great CD that features both players in top of the most refreshing CDs I’ve heard for a while." 
- Andy MacKenzie, Just Jazz Guitar 

"...a carefully crafted unit that percolates with well-performed standards and originals....The natural resonance of the group creates a warmth, a buoyancy that suspends the music." 
- Jonathan Babu, Northeast Performer 

"Mitch and Fred have created a deeply emotional album of both delicacy and strength, that stands admirably apart from all other duo jazz guitar recordings." 
- Jim Fisch, 20th Century Guitar 

"... creative brilliance, sophistication without coldness and emotional detachment, and clarity in musical statement and rapport. 
- Alexander Schmitz, author of "Jazzgitarristen" 

"Both are jazz guitarists of uncommon ability and growing reputations in the jazz world... 
- John Basile, The Cape Codder 

Ants in a Trance 

"At times sounding like modern classical music, at times free jazz the best way to describe this CD is totally captivating....the beautiful interaction of the assembled creative talents ensures the music's longevity." 
- Andy MacKenzie, Just Jazz Guitar 

"...the most enjoyable disc to cross this desk in quite a while and a delightful departure from the norm. 
- Jim Fisch, 20th Century Guitar 

"...refreshingly original..." 
- Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe 

"The interplay is consistantly impressive....The music ranges from the introspective to performances that emphasize each player's subtle wit and, in general, every note counts." 
- Scott Yanow, Jazziz 

"Spare, reflective jazz from a soulful, understated yet distinctive player with a pristine archtop tone. 
- Guitar Player Magazine 


" excellent guitarist...(Fretware) is forward thinking bop and well worth checking out." 
- Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene 

"...Fretware is an exemplary debut recording which should win him many admirers." 
- Adrian Ingram, Just Jazz Guitar 

"...warm and honest interpretations....Fretware is an impressive effort indicating that while Seidman thrives on tradition, he doesn't mind an occasional trip to the outside." 
- Alex Henderson, Jazzizz 

"...if you favor swing, unpretentious dialogue and ingenious guitar/horn voicings, Fretware is made to order." 
- Gene Kalbacher, College Music Journal 

"Mitch Seidman's disc Fretware on Brownstone is a pure delight." 
- John Basile, Neon Navigator 

"...Seidman is clearly the frontman on this....fluid and confident..." 
- Taylor McNeil, Bostonia

As a Sideman 

Jazzed Up (CD Baby) 
Mauro Depasquale (leader), featuring Mitch Seidman, Ed Conley, Phil Madison, 2015 

Jazz Piano Comping (Book & CD/Berklee Press) 
Suzanne Davis (author/leader), featuring Mitch Seidman, Tal Shalom-Kobi, Gillian DeLear, 2012 

Two Views (Fresh Vinyl) 
Ed Harlow (leader), featuring Pernilla Aidt, Mitch Seidman, 
Todd Baker, Take Toriyama, 2002 

Mooin' (Brass Taco) 
Rich Greenblatt (leader), featuring Mitch Seidman, Joe Hunt, 
Chris Taylor, John Turner, 1998 

Until Tomorrow (Brownstone BRCD 951) 
Leonard Hochman (leader), featuring Eula Lawrence, Mitch Seidman, 
Harvie S, Alan Dawson, Chris Taylor, 1995

Book Citations 

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The Jazz Guitar; Its Evolution, Players, and Personalities Since 1900 
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The Drummer’s Complete Vocabulary as Taught by Alan Dawson 

Article Contributions

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